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Rent Protection or Guarantee Insurance for landlords and why this is important.

Online Estage Agents listead a property for it’s Landlord Paul. David works in a prestigious bank on a senior position, a very reliable tenant and tenant referencing done by 99home successfully. David lost his job because of COVID-19. Luckly, landlord (Paul) had Rent Gurantee Insurance (RGI) which covered lost rent. RGI cost only 0.45% of annual rent to Paul but YES, it’s delivered when needed.
Any change in circumstances, specially when it’s out of tenant’s control, can be enough stop them paying the rent. Without Rent Guarantee Insurance, landlords income and mortgage are at risk.

What is Rent Guarantee Insurance (RGI)?

Landlord Rent Protection insurance provides cover for your property - both the building itself, rental income, cover of your liabilities and any furnishings you’ve provided.
RGI can cover your liabilities if your tenants are injured on your property and you are deemed to be at fault.

Do I need landlord Rent Protuction insurance?

Most of the letting agents recoments RGI for various reason. According to a recent landlord survey done by HomeLet revealed that non-payment of rent was an issue for more than 50% of landlords who have experienced problems with a tenancy.
In case of a bad tenant where they don’t evect the properties, Many RGI policies can also help with the cost of eviction.

Landlord Rent Protection insurance is a specialist policy that provides more cover than normal house insurance. Indeed, standard home insurance might be invalidated if your property is let to tenants.

Additionally, if you’re taking out a buy-to-let mortgage your lender might require you to have landlord insurance in order to qualify for the loan.

What does landlord insurance and Rent protection cover?

In addition to cover for general risks such as building damage because of fire or storm, the best landlord insurance policies offer cover for:

  • Loss of rent – if your tenants are unable to pay their rent
  • Evection: Legal help with evection process
  • Accidental damage – if your tenants damage your property unintentionally
  • Landlord’s liability – if you are deemed liable for any damage or injury caused by third parties arising from your ownership of the property
  • Unoccupied property cover* – if you have no tenants for a period of time and therefore aren’t getting rental income

How to Buy Rent Guarantee Insurance and what is the eligiblety Critrea?

99home, One of the Best Letting Agent can assist with RGI.
Any landlord with an occupied property can buy Rent Guarantee Insurance. There usually a few conditions to be met, however.

1:Make sure tenancy aggrement AST in place.
2:Tenant(s) has successfully passed Tenant Reerencing.

99home is leading Online Letting Agents which can assist you with RGI. please get in touch with your account manager.

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