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What’s a last will and testament for?

A will is a legal document that you can use to control who will receive your savings, property and belongings when you die. It’s the best way to protect the people you care about in case something were to happen to you. A will lets you:

Leave your property, savings and belongings to the people you choose

Protect and provide for your family and friends

Make sure your loved ones can stay in the home you share

Prevent conflict over split ownership

Avoid a hefty inheritance tax bill

How does Beyond work?

With Beyond, it’s really easy to make a will. All you need to do is go to their website and answer some very simple questions about your wishes. They will then turn your answers into a proper, legally-binding will that uses all the right legal language and structure. Print it off, sign with witnesses, and your legacy is protected.

Takes just 15 minutes

Checked by experts

Protects your partner, kids and pets

All wills on National Will Register

Unlimited updates for just £10 a year (optional)

For 99Home customers, Beyond is offering 20% off. So, with our offer code, it costs just £72 for a single will, or £108 for couples.  To get this discount, all you have to do is click the button below to go to the Beyond site, and use our offer code at checkout. Offer code: 99HOME20

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For most of us, a property is the most valuable thing we’ll ever own. A will is the only way to make sure your new home will go to the right people if something were to happen to you. This isn’t always the case without a will. For example, if you and your partner aren’t married, then they won’t be eligible to inherit anything if you die without a will. Instead, it will go to your children, if you have them - or your parents, if not. Another keen concern for property owners is inheritance tax. The IHT allowance is £325,000, but with house prices now often far higher than when many homes were initially bought, more families than ever are vulnerable to this 40% toll on their inheritance. But with a will, you can make use of exemptions for spouses, charitable tax breaks and the additional main residence nil tax band to minimise the tax due.
A will can do far more than just say who gets what.  Help your family find your assets. On average, families miss out on £9,700 in lost assets when there’s no will. Have a say in your kids’ future. A will lets you appoint guardians: people you trust who will look after your children if you die before they’re adults. Without one, a court or local authority decides. Prevent stress. A will can also prevent your family a lot of stress. With a will, they know exactly what your wishes are, so they don’t have to worry about whether they are doing the right thing.
The UK government recommends updating your will whenever you have a major life change. Buying a property is just one example: marriage, divorce, or having a new child or grandchild all mean your will should be altered or replaced. Ideally, a will should be made early and kept updated throughout life, so that your loved ones are protected whatever happens. This is especially important for those with a mortgage to consider! With Beyond, an optional £10 a year subscription lets you update your will whenever you want: perfect for those with a growing family.
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