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Q-1. What is

Ans. 99Home is a residential online real estate business that makes it convenient for you to rent, sell or buy property without having to go for the services of an expensive, and high-end estate agent. Apart from carrying out the viewings (Except High Street product), 99Home provides all the services you might expect from a professional estate agent, but, with a marked difference.
You can arrange viewings, edit photos, change your demanded price and accept offers 24/7. On top of that, our dedicated team of experts are here to help and support you at every step of the process, until completion.

Q-2. How do people interested in my property contact me?

Ans. First, they enquire us via online query, phone call, text message or email, about the property they are interested in. Then, we provide them your contact details and also share their details with you. This way, we help both parties get in touch and communicate.

Q-3. How long will it take for my property to be listed online?

Ans. Once you completed the online property submission form on, we assess your submission in terms of the information that you have provided and if we need any further details from you. When the assessment is complete, your property is verified and listed online within the next 2-48 working hours.

Q-4. Why do you need my phone number and email address?

Ans. We have an online enquiry system that provides your contact details to potential buyers. We ask you to provide your contact details, so that we may get in touch with you, or provide your details to the prospects if they contact us in this regard.

Q-5. Do you store my Debit or credit card information?

Ans. No. We do not store or view your credit card information. All transactions are directly processed by the bank.

Q-6. Is your 0203 number a premium rate number?

Ans. No. Calling on our 0203 number will cost you the same charges as a geographical landline number beginning with 01 or 02.

Q-7. Will you sell my personal information to third parties?

Ans. No, we do not sell or share your information to any third party. However, we can pass your details to our associate solicitor or mortgage adviser, on your consent.

Q-8. Is my account secure?

Ans. Our site is protected by SSL Certificate. The security of your account depends on the strength of the password you choose for it. We encrypt passwords on our server, but, if you choose a weak password your account, it could be compromised, just the same way as on any other website.

Q-9. Can private home sellers advertise their property for sale on online portals such as Zoopla and Prime Location?

Ans. No, they can't. However, they can seek our agent service to do it on their behalf.

Q-10. I am a buyer. Can 99Home help me?

Ans. Yes, we help buyers with mortgage advice, solicitor’s advice, and house moves. Aside from that, we provide you with an extensive choice of property. We keep you informed on the latest mortgage rates and provide an access to the UK's leading independent mortgage advisors. You can also compare the best solicitors from across the UK and find the most competitive solicitors operating in your area.

Q-11. Do you conduct viewings for the property?

Ans. Yes, we do. However, you will have to contact us to get a quote on the viewing service. If you have purchased the High-Street package, you won’t have to request a quote. We will conduct viewings for you.

Q-12. Why do you require a proof of identity from me?

Ans. Abiding by the industry standards and associated laws, we're obliged to verify the identity of our customers.. Considering all the ethical concerns involved, we align our services with the legal requisite, so as to avoid any fraudulent or unpleasant situations. This thorough vigilance assured the browsers that the property advertisements listed on our website are authentic and credible.

Q-13. How is 99Home different from estate agents?

Ans. We are an online real estate agency, which means that we do not conduct viewings for our 99Home and Combo packages. We have another package called “High Street”, which is a complete high street and all-inclusive service package, offered at the affordable cost of online packages.

Q-14. Who will take care of photography and floor planning of my property?

Ans. Photography and floor planning services are included in our Combo and High Street packages. However, if you have purchased the 99Home package, you will have to provide the photos of your property. Or, if you want, we can arrange professional photography on additional charges.

Q-15. Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?

Ans. EPCs are a legal requirement for anyone selling or renting their property. If you do not have the EPC for your property, you’ll need to obtain it, prior to putting it up for sale or rent. To check if your property already has an EPC, click here and enter your postcode. If you do not have it, we offer EPC for your property for just £79.00 (excluding VAT)

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