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Sellers – here’s five things to do before selling up

Selling your home can be daunting if you’re not fully prepared. With the possibility of issues arising and the process grinding to a halt, the decisions you make along the way matter a great deal.

In order to minimize the chances of this happening, here at 99home we’ve put together a checklist of things to do before putting your home up for sale.

Find a trusted agent

Appointing an estate agent that is well-established and experienced with attracting buyers to a property is fundamental to the selling process.

Once a buyer shows interest in your home, they may want to negotiate on the price. However, your agent will be used to negotiations and hagglers, and should have your best interests at heart to achieve asking price or above.

Get your finances in check

You will need to get financially organised when selling, as failure to do so could complicate or slow down your move. Begin by listing all the potential costs, include conveyancing costs, estate agent’s commission, mortgage agreement fees and stamp duty. You will also need to speak to a mortgage adviser and get an agreement in principle as soon as possible.

Once your offer is accepted, you’ll receive a formal mortgage offer. Keep in mind that this will only be valid for a set period of time, and can expire if you don’t complete on the property in time.

Prepare your home for sale

Your property will need to be presentable and well-maintained before you begin to market it. This involves decluttering, adding a fresh lick of paint, cleaning and other cosmetic enhancements.

It’s also worth going through the home and taking note of any quick fixes that can be made. Would-be buyers will have a keen eye for any defects, so put on a viewer’s glasses and watch out for things such as cracks in plaster, holes in walls, torn carpet and broken tiles.

Set the right asking price

Every home can sell for the right price. Consider marketing your property at a competitive rate, as this can help to entice more buyers. Keep in mind, though, that pitching the price too high could be a turn-off, while setting it too low can undermine your home’s true value.

Whatever the case, your chosen agent will help you set a fair and realistic price for your home. By pitching it correctly, you can boost the chances of offers being made.

Hire a reliable solicitor

You will need to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer to handle the legal aspects of the sale and transfer ownership of the property. When searching around, ensure that you compare quotes and ask for recommendations to find the best-suited one for you.

An experienced solicitor will be trustworthy, will keep on top of the process, chase the other party when necessary and act in your best interests. For more advice on this, we have a dedicated conveyancing advice page> for sellers.

With thorough preparation and clear communication with your agent and solicitor, you can be on the road to receiving multiple offers and improving your chances of achieving your highest sales price.

As an online agency that offers an ‘under one roof’ approach, 99home can help you through every step of your property sale. For more information of the services we offer, please get in touch with us on 0203 5000 999.

Also, if you’re eager to find out how much your property could be worth on the current market, we offer a free and instant online valuation.

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