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How to host viewing during COVID-19 lockdown or pandemic?

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic brought the UK to a standstill during the lockdown but not for the property market. The effects are far-reaching and will be long-lasting, including those on the property market. Now, however, we are in a period where things were getting back to normal and now again are beginning to get back up with a high number of COVID-19 infections.

Virtual home tours allow buyers or tenants to get a sense of a property before spending time touring in person. At the present COVID-19 time, it makes more sense to have a virtual tour to stay safe. Selling or letting property online is easier than ever. With Online Estate Arents in UK and Online Letting Agents, a vendor or landlord can list property anytime.

Physical viewings vs virtual viewing

Virtual Viewing

At this stage, the best option is virtual viewings, however, keeping in mind that there are some limitations but for health and safety reasons, virtual viewing still the best option.

Consider Virtual Tours
As the Coronavirus pandemic has hit mankind, change in lifestyle has become inevitable pushing us towards social distancing and necessitating the need to enhance the usage of technology. Therefore, we are ecstatic to welcome you to the newest world of virtual viewings and valuations of your property while relaxing in your armchair. We keep our promise of delivering the best no matter what the situation. Potential homebuyers/Tenants look out for the accurate images of the house, but photographs or still images do not always portray the realistic picture and thus virtual tours become the best way to present your property.

Why Virtual Viewings
99home, online estate agents Virtual viewing provides prospective buyers/potential tenants a property walkthrough remotely and can save valuable time and effort and one can buy or rent a property from the comfort of their homes. Research has shown that virtual tours help make a quick and effective decision when it comes to dealing with your property. This is the best way to showcase your property via a fully immersive virtual tour.

Benefits of Virtual Tours
Viewer-friendly: Virtual tours help you to explore the property extensively while focusing on each of the rooms, their lightings, floorings, etc

Captivating interest: Compared to viewing still photographs, the voice narrations and enhanced imaging give you a captivating effect and provides a real picture making it easier for you to decide on taking the important decision for your property.

Saves time and effort: Making a personal visit to a property is time-consuming and it may not be worth the effort every time but you can have access to virtual tours anytime and with just a click, you can browse through the entire property.Abide by the government rules of social distancing during these unprecedented times.

Importance of a Professional Photographer
To showcase your property, some of us might want to create virtual tours of property by themselves and set it on the site but having a Professional Photographer to do the job increases the chances of your property being viewed manifold. Therefore, we recommend a Professional Photographer who would create a great portfolio of your property

The importance of having a professional photographer:

- Can create wide-angle views that would keep potential customers’ interest intact.
- Can highlight finer points that could emphasise most pivotal features of property.
- His professional editing skills would remove any kind of imperfections and provide high quality images.

We have a team of professional photographers who have rich experience and capable of capturing your property into their lenses with the best of shots. You can provide us the opportunity to create a virtual tour of your property to display on the portal and thereby invite potential customers. Using cutting-edge technology and with leading experts, we will create a virtual walkthrough of your property and present online visitors the access to explore your house. Please instruct us if you wish to opt for this service. We recommend that you choose virtual tour as this will attract customers who are actually interested in the property and who wish to have a final viewing before they submit an offer.

Physical viewing


If you have decided to host physical viewing, please consider a few point

Wear and supply PPE wherever possible
If you are going to be present in the home during the property viewing, it’s important that you wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). COVID-19: infection prevention and control (IPC) guide from the Government site will assist you. Safety first means you not only preparing for your side as well making sure the viewer is fully equipped. This will not only make the process safer for you, and your prospective buyer or renter, but it is also a way of building trust between you and the buyer or renter by showing a level of courtesy and respect. Nonetheless, you can help everyone in the process remain within government guidance by having PPE and hand sanitiser ready by the door to be supplied if necessary.

Leave your room doors, cupboards, and garden doors open
For vendors/landlords as well as buyers/renters, PPE and social distancing are hugely important parts of making it safe for people to enter your home for a property viewing. However, it’s important to remember that anyone visiting for a physical viewing is a prospective buyer or renter of your home. To avoid any physical touching, leave room doors, cupboards, garden access if applicable open.

Leave your property during viewing if possible
If the property is empty or doesn’t have any expensive items, consider leaving the property during the viewings. Of course, even planning to be out and about can be difficult during these times. As an alternative, we often recommend that house sellers or landlords plan to wait either in the garden or out on the street during the property viewing.

Gap between viewing
This is the most critical point where you do not invite all the viewers at the same time. Even if it’s an open house, leave a 10-15 minutes gap between each viewing for safety reasons.

Consider online property auction
An online property auction is one of the best alternatives to sell the property. Having done all the paperwork in advance (Legal Pack) means buyers have got almost all the information.

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