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This is an agreement for the authorization to act on behalf of the Landlord / Property Owner to rent a property. We are required by the Estate Agents Act 1979 to advise you of the information below prior to receiving or confirming your instructions to 99 home limited. We trade as a 99home and you can find us on

Property Type: Residential / Commercial / Land

I/We landlord of the property hereby give authority to 99home ltd to act on my/our behalf to let / rent collection/ management of my/our property as per the details given below.

2. Type of Instruction: Sole Agency (180 days ) or Multiple / Join Agency (Tick as appropriate).

3. Service Agreed:

Package £49 incl VAT (DIY Package - only applicable for new customer) YES/ NO

Package £199 (DIY Package) : YES / NO

Silver Package £499 (allocated property expert available) YES / NO

Gold Package £999 (Allocated Property expert available) YES / NO

Full Management: £85 with a one-time set-up fee of £79. (incl VAT) YES / NO

Tailored Services available on request : YES / NO

The full management price for NRL(Non-resident landlords) may vary. £150 management fee upto rent £1500 and £180 for rent more than £1500.

4. Guide Rent: (As mentioned by the landlord on the listing) PCM /PCW,

Utility Bills: Included / Excluded (Provider details) (As mentioned by the landlord on the listing) Council Tax: Included / Excluded (As mentioned by the landlord on the listing)

4A. : Deposit Amount :(As mentioned by the landlord on the listing) (5 weeks of rental amount or less).

5. Agreed Package Fees with allocated expert:

* We charge the commission every year whilst the co-tenant or tenant is staying in the property.

5.A:Guarantor Required: Yes / No / TBC,

5.B: Pets: Yes / No.

5.C: Contents Insurance: Yes / No,

5.D: Smoker: Yes / No,

5.E: Letting Type: Furnished / Unfurnished / Part-Furnished,

5.F: Board (Sign) outside the property, permission granted: (*Included with limited package) Yes / No

6. I / we acknowledge and agree to these terms, have had the opportunity to ask questions and wish to proceed. I / we have received information on the Legionella, CP12 (Gas Safety Certificate), EPC, Deposit Related Regulations, Electric Safety Certificate (ESC), Misdescription Act 1991, CO2 requirements, inventory, tenant fees ban, Landlord Licensing, Rental / Tax payable on income from the property to HMRC, advice Sheet and confirm my / our understanding of my / our responsibilities.

I / we confirm the first named individual below will act as primary contact for all repairs and queries, and that all money can be paid into the bank account specified in the e-mail sent to 99home.. (Details added by the landlord/agent while signing up with 99home).

7.A: Lender’s Consent to LET: Yes / No / TBC.

8. Is the Landlord UK Resident: Yes / No, If No, then MUST have NRL Approval No.:

9. * Mandatory Service we can arrange for you:

Building Insurance: Yes / No

EPC: Yes / No, £ 79.00

Special tailored Services: Eviction Process* available on request: Yes / No

Special tailored Services: Application for Landlord Licensing*: Yes / No

10. Property Maintenance (Management Services): The landlord needs to ensure that the property is made available in good and inhabitable condition. The provided furniture in the property like beds, sofas, and all other soft furnishings should comply with the current fire safety regulations (written evidence is required for our records). The Landlord agrees to inform of any ongoing maintenance problems subject to a retained minimum expenditure limit (UK Landlords: £400; Overseas Landlords: £600) on any single item, fault or repair or any other requirements or limits specified by the Landlord. We administer any miscellaneous maintenance work that needs to be carried out on the Property. It is agreed that in an emergency or for reasons of contractual necessity, where reasonable endeavours have been made to contact the Landlord, we may exceed the limits specified. We try to select cost effective labour but are unable to personally guarantee the standard of workmanship or any liability arising thereof. Although the Landlord retains the right to pursue any claim against an appointed skilled man for substandard work. By law, it is necessary to carry out an annual inspection and service for the central heating and any gas and electrical appliances. We will carry these out on the Landlord’s behalf and administer the necessary inspection and maintenance records (should the property be given on management or a written request has been made by the landlord for visits). Should the property be given to 99home ltd to manage; we will coordinate any repair or maintenance including arranging for tradesmen to be at the property. We will obtain estimates where necessary, supervising works and settling accounts in advance prior undertaking any work. Landlords wishing for authorisation of repairs over agreed limits will need to confirm those limits in writing to our offices. The Management charge does not include supervision of major repairs or replacement. We reserve the right to make a 'quantum merit' charge where supervision is required in respect to re-decoration or major maintenance work. *Landlord must provide one set of keys to us on full management; if keys are not given we may not be able to serve the tenants / property with our full potential.

11. Buying out the Tenant & co-tenants : Should the tenants or co-tenants are found by 99home ltd at the start of tenancy, the landlord is liable to pay the commission until tenants or co-tenants stay in the property (For all subsequent years on same rate as agreed in the first year’s fees and payable in advance), however if the landlord desire to retain the ownership of the tenants and would like to discontinue all the business with 99home ltd in relation to the property, tenants or co-tenants they should send the request in writing about their intention to 99home ltd. On receipt of the request, 99home ltd may let the tenants & property go on company manager’s discretion and subject to the landlord pays an advance one and half year’s commission based on standard letting charges which are paid during current / start of tenancy and this payment is non refundable & non-transferable.

12. Deposit Dispute and 99home ltd’s Services (ADR Process): Alternative dispute resolution can speed up settlement, which means less cost, time and stress than would be involved in taking matters to court. We can help the landlord to comply with the necessary documents and prepare the final representation for initial submission for the scheme judge or arbitrator. However, we do not give any guarantee of success as the final decision will be taken by ADR Scheme or where the deposit is protected. This service is not included in deposit protection services provided by 99home ltd, the additional payment of £ 100.00 (One hundred pounds only) in advance shall be paid or it will be deducted from the final deposit released amount. Should the landlord wish 99home ltd to prepare the paperwork, and this payment is non-refundable and non-transferable. Alternatively, the landlord can open their deposit account and 99home ltd will transfer the deposit batch to the landlord and the landlord can liaise with the tenants there onwards directly.

13. Landlord’s AML / KYC / PEP Screening: These regulations came into force in June 2017, replacing The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 that were previously in effect.

Client Authorise us to check: Yes / No

Passport / DVLA Card / National ID (EU / EEA) Card / Other: Yes / No

Bank Statement / Utility / Council Tax / Other: Yes / No

14. Instruction for withdrew or Termination Landlord is liable to pay commission in case of;

a) No refund if the property goes live on the major portals.

b) No refund if the landlord fails to provide ownership information.

c) No refund if vendor's AML check is failed.

d) If AML is done, £15 will be deducted if the refund is requested.

e) No refund if 99home has visited the property for verification.

f) No refund if the contract is signed by either tenant / landlord and unable to commence the tenancy.

g) You will be liable to pay the agreed fees to our company in addition to any add-ons charges or expenses made during the letting process.

h) *If property is SOLD to a tenant, and initially the tenant was introduced by 99home ltd you will be liable to pay 1.2% (Including VAT) fees of the agreed sale price.

15. Notice of Right to cancel this contract: You (the client) have the right to cancel this contract within 14 calendar days from signing and commencing the contract. In order to exercise this right, please sign here _______________________________ and return it to us with recorded delivery. Alternatively, you can email us at for cancellation purposes. (Please refer to clause 14 & 17).

16. Personal Interest: Under the Estate Agents Act 1979, we are required to disclose to prospective tenants, any family relationship or business association between you and any of our employees or officers. Where we are aware of such a declarable interest, the relevant disclosure will be made in all lettings and marketing particulars. If you become aware of any such relationship, you must notify us as soon as possible with full details of all parties. Unless details of any such relationship have been given to us in writing prior to our appointment, you confirm that there is none and are willing to proceed.

17. Related Services: Please note that *Tenant’s holding amount paid (1 week worth of rent to secure the lettings) will be retained by 99home ltd towards administrative charges, if tenants fail the reference or unable to take property for any reasons. This paid holding deposit will not be given to the landlord.

18. Dual fee liability : There may be a dual fee payable if you have previously instructed another agent to let the same property on a sole agency, joint sole agency or a sole selling rights basis, or you instruct another agent during or after the period of the 99home ltd sole agency agreement. The terms of any other agents’ agreements should be considered accordingly.

19. Interest on late payment: Should all or any part of the fees and agreed costs due to 99home ltd remain outstanding for more than 21 days after the due date or invoice raised and due for payments, 99home ltd reserve the right to charge interest at an annual rate of 3% above the base rate of Bank of England, from the date fees first become due.

20. Non Exclusive Agency : This is when you agree to instruct us as well as other estate agents to market your property, you will be liable to pay remuneration to us, if at any time tenancy takes place with the tenants introduced directly or indirectly by us. You will also be liable to pay remuneration to us, in case a tenant or co-tenants (introduced by us) / occupier of the property proceeds with the purchase of this property. Management Charges £85 PCM basis 12 months X £85 (Including VAT) = £ 1020.00 from the tenant move in and onwards, £85 payable each month in advance. These charges are payable until tenants or co-tenants stay in the property.

21. We agree to the Terms of Business and fee structure of 99home ltd as outlined in this document, you should not sign until you have read and understood the entire term.


Name: Signature:



(By instructing us to act, you become personally liable to pay our commission, costs and charges), (Large print of this document is available on request, email us on and our team will be happy to assist you)

*The services come with additional charges only and full details about the terms and conditions for them are available on request. The charges may vary and can change without advance notice, all payment is required in advance. Our complaint procedure is available on request.

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