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This is an agreement for the authorization to act on behalf of the Vendor / Property Owner to Sell a property. We are required by the Estate Agents Act 1979 to advise you of the information below prior to receiving or confirming your instructions to 99 home limited. We trade as a 99home and you can find us on

Property Type: Residential / Commercial / Land

Tenure of the property: Freehold / Leasehold / Share of Freehold .

I/We the vendor of the property hereby giving authority to 99home ltd to act on my/our behalf to Sell our property as per the details given below.

1.Property Address:

Added while signing up online

2. Type of Instruction: Sole Agency (180 days ) or Multiple / Join Agency (Tick as appropriate).

3. Service Agreed:

Package £0.00 incl VAT (DIY Basic Service - Listing only on website) YES/ NO

Package £79 (DIY Premium Service Package) : YES / NO

Combo Service £399 (allocated property expert available) YES / NO

High Street Service £899 (Allocated Property expert available) YES / NO

Tailored Services available on request : YES / NO

(The sale price will be deemed to include any extra prices for fixtures, fittings, goods, chattels, carpets, curtains and other such related items).

4. Market Guide Price / Offer in access of / OIRO : £ ___________________________

5. Board (Sign) outside the property, permission granted: (*Included with limited package) Yes / No

6. I / we acknowledge and agree to these terms, have had the opportunity to ask questions and wish to proceed. I /we have received information on the EPC and mandatory requirements. The consequences of Misdescription Act 1991, and hiding any fact which may direct or indirect impact on the decision of the buyer. The Taxes payable after the sale of a property to HMRC i.e. CGT, disposal of an asset.

*Service to be arrange:

Building Insurance: Yes / No,

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): Yes / No,

Eviction Process* (£900 + Court Fees & Bailiff Fees): Yes / No,

Asbestos Report: Yes / No

Add-ons services to enhance your property listing (Pricing available on

8. Lender’s Consent obtained to sell the property ? : Yes / No / TBC.

9. Landlord / Vendor’s AML / KYC / PEP Screening: These regulations came into force in June 2017, replacing The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 that were previously in effect.

Client Authorise us to check: Yes / No

Passport / DVLA Card / National ID (EU / EEA) Card / Other: Yes / No

Bank Statement / Utility / Council Tax / Other: Yes / No

10. Personal Interest: Under the Estate Agents Act 1979, we are required to disclose to prospective purchasers any family relationship or business association between you and any of our employees or officers. Where we are aware of such a declarable interest, the relevant disclosure will be made in all sales / lettings and marketing particulars. If you become aware of any such relationship, you must notify us as soon as possible with full details of all parties. Unless details of any such relationship have been given to us in writing prior to our appointment, you confirm that there is none and are willing to proceed.

11. Related Services: A buyer may wish to instruct us about a related service. 99home does offer such services, including the following: The sale of residential and commercial property, the provision of financial services, Conveyancing, surveying, insurance, property management, etc… where a buyer used these services, 99home or its employees may receive a fee or commission. Please note that these services are available for you too.

12. Dual fee liability : There may be a dual fee payable if you have previously instructed another agent to sell the same property on a sole agency, joint sole agency or a sole selling rights basis, or you instruct another agent during or after the period of the 99home sole agency agreement. The terms of any other agents’ agreements should be considered accordingly.

13a. Sales Particulars, Unfair Trading Regulation: This act prohibits false or misleading information, whether in sales particulars or otherwise and places a responsibility on estate agents to verify information given to purchasers. Obviously you, as the vendor will be the first port of call, but the Act looks to the estate agent to obtain independent verification where reasonably possible. Accordingly, unless you give us specific instructions to the contrary, we shall be entitled to make enquiries and obtain information at our discretion to verify statements in sales information and you will be responsible for any costs incurred by us (which will be charged as an expense).

13b. You are responsible for promptly drawing to your attention any error by us or the existence of any circumstances for which we seem to be unaware and which render statements in sales information false or misleading.

13c. You are required to check the draft particulars and the floor plan very carefully and to return them signed to our Company signifying approval and confirmation of their accuracy.

14. Interest on late payment: Should all or any part of the fees and agreed costs due to 99home remain outstanding for more than 21 days after the completion or invoice raised and due for payment, 99home reserve the right to charge interest at an annual rate of 3% above the base rate of Bank of England, from the date fees first become due on exchange of contracts or once contracts are signed and completion took place.

15a. Sole Agency & Sales fall through: Charges are calculated as per agreed packages. i.e. Agreed fees £999.00 or 1% on Property Sold. This is when you agree to instruct us to the exclusion of all others. You will become liable to pay our fee if at any time, unconditional contracts for the sale of the property are exchanged with a purchaser introduced by us or with whom we had negotiations about the property during that period, or with a purchaser introduced by another agent during that period. The sole agency period will continue until terminated by either party, giving each other fourteen days' written notice. You will also be liable to pay remuneration to us, in case a tenant (introduced by us) / occupier of the property proceeds with the purchase of this property. Our sole agency contract includes our sole selling rights.

Please note that at any point in time the buyer is ready for exchange and completion and the sales could not be progressed due to any issue from your end, you are still liable to pay our fees in full. 

15b. Non Exclusive Agency : { Multiple Agency, Join Agency } i.e. Property Sold for £100,000 Fee @ 2.5 % = £2500 + V.A.T @ 20% £500, Total Fee: £3000.This is when you agree to instruct us as well as other estate agents to market your property. You will be liable to pay remuneration to us, if at any time unconditional contracts for the sale of the property are exchanged with the purchaser introduced directly or indirectly by us. You will also be liable to pay remuneration to us, in case a buyer (introduced by us) / occupier of the property proceeds with the purchase of this property * Please check the agreed fees if a discount is given.

16. Instruction for withdrew or Termination Vendor is liable to pay commission in case of;

a) No refund if the property goes live on the major portals.

b)No refund if the vendor fails to provide ownership information.

c) No refund if vendor's AML check is failed.

d) If AML is done, £15 will be deducted if the refund is requested.

e) No refund if 99home has visited the property for verification.

f) 2% transaction fees will be deducted for the payments taken online while processing online refunds and 10% deduction, if any discount code has been applied.

g) No refund if the sale is exchanged and failed to complete.

h) You will be liable to pay the agreed fees to our company in addition to any add-ons charges or expenses made during the selling process.

i) *If property is SOLD to a tenant, and initially the tenant was introduced by 99home ltd you will be liable to pay 1.2% (Including VAT) fees of the agreed sale price.

17. Notice of Right to cancel this contract: You (the client) have the right to cancel this contract within 14 calendar days from signing and commencing the contract, subject to it being signed outside of our office ONLY. In order to exercise this right, please sign here ___________________________ and return it to us with recorded delivery. Alternatively, you can email us at for cancellation purposes. (Please refer to clause 12 & 16).

18. Sub Agents & Remuneration Charges: We shall be entitled where we consider it appropriate to sub-instruct a number of other selected agents or recognised relocation agents. No cost is chargeable to you for this service and all viewings and negotiations would be coordinated through us (If you do not agree to this please specify to us in writing before marketing commence by 99home). Should you cancel this contract before the agreed weeks, as given in rights to cancel (14 days), you will be liable to pay our remuneration chargers of £500+ VAT = (£600) for marketing pictures/ floor-plans, circulations, and any other particular arrangements.

19. We agree to the Terms of Business and fee structure of 99home as outlined in this document, you should not sign until you have read and understood the entire terms.


Name: Signature:



(By instructing us to act, you become personally liable to pay our commission, costs and charges)

(Large print of this document is available on request, email us on and our team will be happy to assist you)

*The services come with additional charges only and full details about the terms and conditions for them are available on request. The charges may vary and can change without advance notice, all payment is required in advance. Our complaint procedure is available on request. 99home Ltd is a member of The Property Ombudsman, Membership Number: TPO: D 14309.

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